75+ Finance Blog Topics & Ideas Your Audience Will Love

75+ Finance Blog Topics & Ideas Your Audience Will Love

You’ve put in the hard work and I’ve got good news — it’s only going to get harder. But most entrepreneurs will agree that the payoff of being your own boss, making your own hours, and working on projects that you’re passionate about will pay dividends for the rest of your life. If your business idea is well-suited for being run from home, it’s still important you have a designated workspace. While a home office might not be possible, consider setting aside a corner in your living room or putting a desk in your bedroom for a space that inspires you and creates the conditions for success. Sole proprietorships are businesses owned and operated by one person and are not identified as a separate entity from the owner by the government. While a sole proprietorship is the simplest business structure, sole proprietors are personally liable for their business.

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The range of accepted options available to fulfill the experience requirement leads to newly minted CFP professionals with varying skill levels to handle the client issues they will face as a financial planner. Which means that clients may not get a consistent level of quality and service from financial advisors, even though they may be CFP practitioners. And keeping the conversation centered around that problem helps to keep the prospect talking, continually reinforcing that they have a problem that indeed needs to be addressed (and that the advisor can help them solve it!).

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You’ll need to incorporate your business and file for 501 tax-exempt status — and then you’ll be required to meet ongoing standards of compliance, but the payoff is making a meaningful impact on a cause you believe in. Working as a home inspector requires certification and a great deal of expertise, but it can offer a flexible work schedule and stable income. Confirm the licensing requirements in your state before getting started with this type of small business. You’ll want to make sure you’re providing the best service to your clients by having all of your credentials in order. Car-detailing services that travel to the client are convenient for busy people who can’t find the time to run through the car wash.

DailyWorth is committed to creating positive relationships between women and money. Focus areas include managing your money, building a career, running a business, and living a fulfilling life. From broad issues like personal loan analysis to more everyday topics like lowering your electric bill, it’s a great place to browse for ideas on creating a financial game plan that works for you. At Free Money Finance, you’ll find personal narratives about creating multiple income streams, current investing strategies, as well as helpful insights on navigating your own career path.

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His goal is to teach others how they can reach financial independence. “You can’t afford everything, but you can afford anything,” is blogger Paula Pant’s mantra. This blog focuses on real estate and income properties, with highly transparent financials of her own endeavors. You’ll find loan advice, budgeting tips, home and car buying tips, and much more.

We’re building on our successes and embracing change to continue supporting you during this crisis and whatever lies ahead. When you submit your blog it may take up to 3-4 weeks for approval. From there it could take up to a week before newly added blogs have updated stats on the list.

Will Initial Public Offering Ipo Of Life Insurance Corporation Lic Be Successful?

She helps other women to get their finances in order one blog post at a time. Free calculators that help you predict how long it might take you to build wealth or pay off a car are helpful for both those just getting started and for spreadsheet enthusiasts. Kyith, a software engineer by day and blogger by night, has been sharing his experiences with money-making, saving, and investing since 2009. In the blog, she shares how to get rid of debt, how to manage the money you have, and recover your credit score while you’re at it. The blog covers debt, making and saving money, social issues, navigating careers, wellness, and relationships.

Married couple David Auten and John Schneider are the Debt Free Guys. Their mission is to help other gay men manage their finances better. In doing so, they hope their readers can enjoy more fulfilling lives. Their blog shares how they recovered from enormous credit card debt and started living fabulously. You can follow in their footsteps with their approachable, step-by-step advice.

The largest share (40%) of blended finance transactions with development guarantees have focused on the energy sector, with a particular emphasis on renewable energy and energy efficiency. Development guarantees have relatively more frequently targeted Asia, particularly East Asia and the Pacific (20% of transactions with development guarantees) as well as South Asia (20%). By reducing risk, guarantees attract more risk-averse investment capital.

Kevin is the budget and family travel expert behind Is another large personal finance blog that’s been going for more than 20 years now. This money blog boasts 9,000 pieces of content and a whopping 24 million monthly readers. As a result, many posts explore the nitty-gritty details of personal finance.

Offering what she refers to as “holistic” coaching, she blends financial literacy with real talk to change your financial reality. Madifientist is focused specifically on providing advice and innovative tax-avoidance methods for people planning to break away from full-time employment very early in life. MapleMoney’s mission is to help you learn how to make money, save money, invest money, and spend money in a way that helps you create lasting financial freedom. The Best Interest is a nationally-recognized personal finance website helping people improve their financial literacy.

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